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Developing solution with cutting edge technology to support promising businesses. From analysis to execution, we build stable, maintainable and scalable products.

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We are a team of professional programmers, who specialize in delivering native experience to all platforms, Our ambition is to modernize the workflow of the companies so it’s easy to connect with the world and expand company revenue, and that ambition gathered XBand team and established in 2019 and since then we developed many projects that benefit our clients till today

Our Company Mission

Our Mission is to provide companies with software solutions meets their specific needs using modern technologies to guarantee high performance, secure, scalable, reliable, and modern design that ensures high quilt user experience, also, our team make sure the stability of our software products by maintaining and monitor with great support

Our Vision

Eِxpand our clients business to meet the international qualification by our software solutions that’s provide the best tools to growth your business and make it easy to manage and control your workflow online

Our Services

We Build and Provide
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Product Design

Throughout the whole life of your software product, we focus on key metrics that help the product gain more users and bring more revenue.

Mobile Development

iOS, Android, you name it the mobile development team at XBand has built many  apps over the last few years. We can help you build or update and make your web application a mobile experience you can be excited about and that users will love.

Web Development

From enterprise application development to CMS-powered websites, our web developers can write elegant, modular, well-documented, responsive code effectively and efficiently in a diverse array of stacks, platforms, and frameworks. Our web developers dedicate themselves to the highest quality engineering.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services. Our engineers are highly qualified and have the experience to ensure the availability and the scalability of your services.

OUR Tech Stack


We build our software applications with the best technologies that supported from many big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon and Oracle. with a big open-source community to ensure the stability and deliver high quality applications



Best tool to build UI&UX, design a prototype and gather feedback


Swift is a programming language for building native iOS applications


Kotlin is a programming language for building native Android  apps


Flutter is cross-platform software development kit for mobile apps


A Progressive JavaScript Framework, with great open source community


The best PHP framework with expressive, elegant syntax


A powerful, compiled programming language supported by Google


Best tool for building containerized applications


An in-memory data structure store, used as a distributed cache 


A popular relational database engine supported by Oracle


Open source Operating System that powers many servers in the world


Amazon Web Services is one of the best Cloud Computing providers

Custom software solutions for a connected world

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food delivery system

Royal Galaxy

Our Project for Royal Galaxy restaurant with this application you can browse various categories of meals that you can order and track your order status until the delivery reach your place.

Mobile applications

Web dashboard

medical store application

Medical Devices Store

The MDS application is a platform that includes all companies and offices that have a relationship with medical and laboratory devices and the requirements of their categories and types, through which the user of the application can view the latest offers for companies and offices and their agencies.

Mobile applications

Web dashboard

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We are a top software development team that helps startups and enterprises create strategic software products that increase revenue, reduce cost and drive business transformation.

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Product Design

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Mobile Development

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